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    • Event: Web-based GIS and Mapping Course Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya. Event Date: 30th April – 11th May 2018            NITA CERTIFIED   RECENT CLIENTS   INTRODUCTION Web mapping focuses on disseminating and processing geographic information by means of Internet and World Wide Web. Combination of the web and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) has unlocked the potential of GIS, and put online maps and geospatial intelligence in the offices/homes of millions and the hands of billions. The increasing flexibility and interoperability of web mapping technologies has opened new opportunities for Web Based Mappers. Both non-GIS users and GIS experts can do more now, than ever to share maps over the internet. Web maps can easily deliver up to date information,maps are generated automatically from databases, and they can display information in almost real-time. They don't need to be printed, mastered and distributed. Web GIS has immense applicability to e-government, e-business, e-science, and all aspects of daily life. Government employees can utilize Web GIS to improve public services delivery and boost collaboration across agencies. Regardless of the sector, businesses can use Web GIS to enhance their existing business models and create new ones. Researchers can find new solutions to meet the challenges of the new frontiers. Web GIS has great practical value to our world today and into the future. WHO SHOULD APPLY? Non GIS Users, GIS experts, Cartographers, Geographers, Geoscientist, surveyors, Planners, Database administrator, system administrator, IT expert, software engineers, M&E expert. REQUIREMENTS No prior knowledge of GIS is required. DURATION 10 days LEARNING OBJECTIVES ·         To understand the importance of web services and to give you some experience making web maps with FOSS and open standards ·         Acquire skills how to make different types of web map ·         Understanding spatial databases ·         Learn how to publish maps online using open source software (Carto DB, fusion Tables, Geoserver). ·         Able to Read Data from various Data source ·          Processing spatial data with FOSS ·         Drawing and querying maps on the server using Web Map Service ·         Putting layers together with a web mapping API ·         Learn how to Explore open data, VGI, and crowdsourcing TOPICS TO BE COVERED ·         Introduction to key concepts in Web mapping ·         Web Mapping Technologies ·         Designing web services and web maps using free open source software ·         Reading Data from various Data source ·         Processing spatial data with Free Open Source Software ·         Drawing and querying maps on the server using Web Map Service ·         Building tiled maps with Free Open Source Software ·         Putting layers together with a web mapping API ·         Google Maps API ·         Web based data editing ·         Exploring open data, VGI, and crowdsourcing ·         Publishing maps using open source softwares (Geoserver) Visit our website for more details How to Participate ·         Tailor Make a Course ·         Register as an Individual ·         Register as a Group ·         Become One of Our Partners. ·         Purchase Software ·         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) View related courses ·         GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Risk Management Course ·         GIS and remote sensing in multi hazard early warning systems Course ·         GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Cover, Land Change Analysis Course ·         GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation Course ·         GIS Analysis for Health Sector Programmes Course ·         GIS Analysis for WASH Programmes Course                                                             The most popular courses ·         Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management Course ·         Diseases Surveillance and Reporting Course ·         Data Management and Analysis for M&E in Development Programmes Course ·         M & E, Data Management & Analysis for Health Sector Programmes Course ·         Advanced Microsoft Excel Course ·         GIS Analysis for Health Sector Programmes Course ·         Participatory Rural development Action PAYMENT Payment should be transferred to IRES account through bank on or before C.O.B.23rd April 2018 Send proof of payment to [email protected] View GIS and Earth Observation Institute Course Catalogue For further inquiries, please contact us on Tel: +254 715 077 817, +254 731240802. Email [email protected]   ACCOMMODATION Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer. Email: [email protected] Mob: +254 715 077 817              
    • Hello again, I am trying to delineate watershed using ArcHydro. I wrongly marked the outlet and generated a batch point.  i would like to delete this and start with new one. How could this be done Thanks, Maya
    • Hello all, I am trying to project a raster dem file using tool project raster in ArcMap 10.3. The tool runs and gives the green tick showing it is complete. But I don't find the output file in Table of contents/catalog or see any changes in the display. Neither I find the results in the folder where it shows as saved. Why is it so? Could someone tell what am i missing? Thanks, Maya
    • Hi everyone, 
      I have a project which is require to extract bamboo by using remote sensing technology.
      Is there any way to extract bamboo from other forest using worldview 3 8 bands multispectral ?
      Looking forward for your feedback.

      Best Regards,
    • Hello, In the operation of the preprocessing Landsat 8 OLI image, and after applying the rescaling on the FLAASH image, I got all the Band's MIN are 0 and all the MAX are 1, which isn't normal. Where should this problem occured ? Thank you,
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