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      Dear Guests   12/24/2016

      Welcome to the GIS-AREA. like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be a part of GIS-AREA by signing in or creating an account here. Once you have created your account and have introduced yourself to our community, you can start new topics, reply to others, subscribe interesting threads, get your customize profiles, make news friends, and others nice stuff. To make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible, please don't forget to read through our pinned forum rules and board guidelines in each section before you do anything else.
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      Chit-chat anything you like, not related to GIS

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      Topic that don't match with other GIS discussion, goes here

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      GIS goes online, discuss all webgis stuff here including WEB-GIS developing, programming and maintenance

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      Networking, 3 dimension, spatial analyst, spatial editing, geoprocessing, and all analysis step discussion

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      Designing good map, symbology, map printing, map visualization and etc

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      Custom GIS Application and other spatial programming

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      Discussion related to Remote Sensing

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      GIS goes to handled (Phone or PDA)

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      GIS applied in every aspect

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      Room with local language, you can use your native language, other than English, You can request your local language room too, just follow the rules

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    • We at MapXL provide custom mapping and GIS Services to a wide range of business industries. Utilizing the latest software, datasets, imagery  our expert and professional staff work efficiently to deliver products and services to meet your specific needs.
    • I have a set of polygons showing core forests and also sets of lines showing the connections between core forests. Is it possible to link these polygons with the given lines using linkage mapper?
    • Hello all, Can anyone suggest where i could find details about "Linkage mapper". I tried to run linkage mapper tools in ArcMap 10.5 version and it shows some errors Thanks
    • Hello again, I was trying to do least cost distance  using ArcMAp. I tried to run least cost distance tool and it shows error as 999999. The input raster used in the cost distance tool were 1.A raster file showing the origin  2. Resulting file from a weighted overlay tool. I think the raster file showing the origin has some problem which stops the operation. I was trying with a dummy point to know how this funtion works. Is it because of that? I first made a point shape file in the map and then made the point shape file into a raster file. This was then used for the least distance operation. Waiting for some replies.   Thanks a lot, Maya                
    • Hello, I was trying to add several raster layers with values 0 and 1 using raster calculator. The raster layers have different spatial extents so i used the layer with maximum area as the processing extent in the calculator. But the results are weird and range of results are ranging from -2000 to +2000. Why is it so or am i missing something important while doing raster additions? Please drop in your comments. Thanks in advance, Maya
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