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Lyzenga Algorithm for Shallow Water Mapping


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Hello folks!

I am trying to use the Lyzenga Algorithm for estimating the depth of water in shallower areas, probably depths under 8-10 meters of lakes.
First of all, how accurate is this algorithm in practice?
Secondly, lets say i have the band values. can someone explain me how to retrieve those depths?

I am following the "Lyzenga Algorithm for Shallow Water Mapping Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 Imageries in Gili Noko Waters" paper, but there are 3 steps of getting NDWIs, NDCIs and after filtering the Sun Glint Correction, then it finally comes to the depth calculating. it end ups in a formula of following:

𝑧 = 28.32 ∗ 𝑋1 − 36.25 ∗ 𝑋2 + 9.42 ∗ 𝑋3 + 16.35

x1 , x2, x3 are RGB values respectively.

What do you guys think? can i just apply this formula ? if not, what is the purpose of all the previous steps, and will they change the rgb values anyways?

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my previous post address your first question actually 😁

I saw that you already got the the equation for the band value and the depth, so it should be okay you directly apply it to get depth value 

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