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  1. masuk/ gabung ke community.esri.com saja, disini dibahas tentang masalah python addon yang dimaksudkan
  2. try on https://www.acugis.com/acugis-suite/ not free but quite reasonable price, because cloud maintenance need cost
  3. documentation available in this link : https://connect.boundlessgeo.com/docs/exchange/latest/maps/index.html
  4. You must be familiar with and operate ArcGIS Desktop to publish spatial data ..? bundled help guidelines, it is usually sufficient to operate the system.
  5. ArcGIS Server is a professional user gis, to build intelligent and data, but also intelligent preparation. OpenGeo Suite, has a version of the public, free of charge but you have to have more effort to build up the same, and have minimal documentation and reference. This is a choice for users, which are suitable for their needs, the price and get the results.
  6. old refference http://www.esri.com/library/whitepapers/pdfs/creating-arcgisserver-web-mapping.pdf http://geomatica.como.polimi.it/corsi/internetGIS/webmapping.pdf
  7. More advice, be sure not used old storage format, such as shapefile for network data, use file geodatabase. This make data access faster by sistem.. rgds - fw
  8. i suggest to simpifly the case ( network area include network route ) , and test it using other methods rather than using flex, if this works ok then you can expand area, and then porting it by using flex apps. never working in complex case on first use or test, just to be sure that the algorithm working smooth first. rgds - fw
  9. just my opinion, with more serious learning, certified from a recognized organization, not just suck up money. there are other results, get a job commensurate with the results.( not for local project for sure )
  10. steady for the suction.. newer than i got. thanks
  11. if this as dynamic/operational layer services will reprojected automaticly, but the error is about argument not sufficient.. so perhaps you need to put more argument on it. my suggestion try to view it in other platform ( javascript api for example ) just to test the map services first, and to post your problem in arcgis forum, but also with enough info..
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