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  1. Can anyone suggest complete steps to install geoserver on Google Cloud
  2. Hi upay82 Thank you very much for the technique to solve the problem. I have done it!!!! Thanks alot upay82 Dear Lizan, can you please guide me too...
  3. Which WEBGIS Software can be used with Google Cloud??
  4. Please Guide for Opensource Cloud Server for WebGIS.......
  5. Do anyone have any Government guidelines for Drone survey in INDIA. Is it possible to have lidar based drone survey in INDIA. Any Idea about Octacopter capable Lidar camera......
  6. Dear UPay82, I have exactly able to do as you mentioned in the snapshots... But not able to open in GPSMapEdit2.1(Licensed). Do you have some methods to open the same... Error Below, while opening in GPSMapEdit2.1- Loading data from file 'C:\Users\Map\GarminT1\proces-gmp-output\merge\India11.img'... * Block size: 4096 * Updated: 2017/11 *** Loading sub-map: 'I0521ED2'... * Defined: NET * Defined: NOD * Generated: * Sorting: Western European WARNING: Unexpected format of input data. Text coding 11-bit per symbol is not supported. WARNING: MAPSOURC.MPS - (Not a map, just special Garmin data) ERROR: Loading has terminated. 2 warning(s). Load time is 0.01 s. Thanks.....
  7. Thank You Upay82 for detailed process, I am still in process to get success... I am not able to convert it to GMP file.. may be some particular version is required? I am working on gumsupp.img file... I may be missing some step
  8. Dear upay82, Is your method really works.. I tried but failed.. Can u please share snapshot for Garmin NT format
  9. Still trying to convert but no success... has any one done through or other types of navigation data files???
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