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  1. How can we able to integrate boundless exchange maps into HTML 5 based applications??
  2. Thanks, Now i was able to draw a circle using spatial filter around a data point, But how to export the data within that radius of circle??
  3. Hi, I could not find to write a query anywhere is the Boundless exchange, I'm using trail version, it is limited to full version by any chance?? And also right click on the spatially filtered data is disabled. Thank you, Sravani.
  4. Do we have an option to select the particular area in a map and export the data within that area??
  5. Hi, I created exchange map and drawn a polygon on it, how can i export the data within that selected area? Thank you, Sravani.
  6. Hi, I created boundless exchange map. I want to draw a circle/polygon within that map, how can i draw it? Thank you, Sravani
  7. Hi, I created boundless exchange map, i need to draw the circle/polygon with some radius around a feature in it. If I draw any polygon or circle with some radius can we get feature details and information within that radius. How can i draw the circle/polygon and how can i see the features nearby that? Can anyone help me.
  8. Hi, I created a boundless exchange map, now i need to access the map through my local server. Is it possible to publish the map?? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I need to publish my boundless exchange map on tomcat server. How can i publish?? Thank you, Sravani.
  10. Thank you for your reply, i already used this advanced and spatial filters. But the filtered information, can be seen only in tables, not on maps. Thank you, Sravani
  11. Hi, I exported excel data to the boundless exchange and i created a map using layers. Now, i need two filters one for regions and other for facility type. If i select both the filters, that filtered data must be able to project on the map. Is it possible to do on maps???
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