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  1. Hi, everyone! I need a piece of advise how to make label that includes information of 2 columns divided by horizontal line and white circle for the background in ArcGIS. It should be like this image. The shape I'm trying to label is polygon.
  2. I hope this is the right place for my question. I've installed ArcGIS 10.1 with medicine. Can anyone tell me how to connect to a map service (like google) which I intend to use for base map layers? Everytime I try to connect ArcGIS I recieved this error "Unable to connect to the remote server". I also tried ArcBruTile plug-in and it's the same.
  3. Welcome! Another dude from Bulgaria in this forum. It's nice to see that. Enjoy your stay here
  4. I can't open the rar. The site redirected me to the homepage and I can't understand a word of arabic letters.
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