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    GeoNetwork opensource v2.4.0 released

    By EmperoR,
    wow, new version of GeoNetwork just release, here is the news : source :giscafe

    new release of ENVI 4.7

    By EmperoR,
    ENVI just planned to release next version of ENVI along with new ENVI product line called ENVI EX, in late of July.......wow, cant wait for it.....

    ArcGIS 9.3.1 start shipping

    By EmperoR,
    read from esri sites, arcgis 9.3.1 already shipping at April 28, 2009 for all customer around the world detail for improvement in this release [hide:46hjyyzd] http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/whats-new/index.html [/hide:46hjyyzd] or PDF [hide:46hjyyzd] http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/whats-new/whats_new_in_arcgis_931.pdf [/hide:46hjyyzd] cant wait to try it.....

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    • This is a good course, apart from the broken accent. There may be some errors in the archive. But, I am leaning more towards the 2022 version of "Machine Learning Specialization" courses of Coursera. 😋
    • Remote Sensing Image Acquisition, Analysis and Applications is a training course on remote sensing, creation of sensor images and analysis and application of these images in various fields, published by Coursera Specialized Academy. During the process of this training course, you will get to know the process of imaging the surface of the earth in a completely specialized way. Taking pictures of the earth's surface is a long process, and engineers use different methods such as satellites and drones to realize it. For remote sensing, there are different platforms and sensors that you will get to know about the types and applications of each during this training course. Imaging and measuring is the initial part and the first stage of the work, and very complex computational algorithms are used to interpret and explain these images and photos in the next stages. Getting to know the history of these algorithms is one of the most important topics raised in this training course, and at the end you will get to know the techniques based on machine learning and deep learning that are used in remote sensing today. download: https://dl3.downloadly.ir/Files/Elearning/Coursera_Remote_Sensing_Image_Acquisition_Analysis_and_Applications_2022-9.part1_Downloadly.ir.rar https://dl3.downloadly.ir/Files/Elearning/Coursera_Remote_Sensing_Image_Acquisition_Analysis_and_Applications_2022-9.part2_Downloadly.ir.rar  
    • update only: https://dl3.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/ESRI_ArcGIS_Pro_3.0.2_x64_Update_Only_Downloadly.ir.rar  
    • This book presents novel research ideas and offers insights into radar system design, artificial intelligence and signal processing applications. Further, it proposes a new concept of antenna spatial polarization characteristics (SPC), suggesting that the antenna polarization is a function of the spatial direction and providing new ideas for radar signal processing (RSP) and anti-jamming. It also discusses the design of an advanced signal-processing algorithm, and proposes new polarimetric and anti-jamming methods using antenna inherent properties. The book helps readers discover the potential of radar information processing and improve its anti-interference and target identification ability. It is of interest to university researchers, radar engineers and graduate students in computer science and electronics who wish to learn the core principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of RSP. download: https://turbobit.net/hbd3gk70csyk.html  
    • Advances in Remediation Techniques for Polluted Soils and Groundwater focuses on the thematic areas for assessment, mitigation, and management of polluted sites. This book covers advances in modelling approaches, including Machine Learning (ML)/ Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications; GIS and remote sensing; sensors; impacts of climate change on geogenic contaminants; and socio-economic impacts in the poor rural and urban areas, which are lacking in a more comprehensive manner in the previous titles. This book encompasses updated information as well as future directions for researchers working in the field of management and remediation of polluted sites. download: https://nitroflare.com/view/35CA85E22EA1D9A/sanet.st_Advances_in_Remediation_Techniques_for_Polluted_Soils_and_Ground.pdf https://rapidgator.net/file/9119be496e24c247f5efcb227cd32fdc/sanet.st_Advances_in_Remediation_Techniques_for_Polluted_Soils_and_Ground.pdf.html  
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