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  1. Hi guys i was just wondering is it a best practice principle to do Dark Subtraction even if it doesnt change much. i have an image that has a lot of water reflectance which gives a considerable amount of zero and ones so whenever i do dark subtraction it does nothing and also when i choose values there is only a slight differences. otherwise the image is very clear and needs very little adjustment thanks
  2. Hey guys any of you know of anyway to convert WorldView-2 images to Irradiance with ENVI. Thanks Rod
  3. the real problem occurs when i do equation number 4. i can do equation 3 alright and probably 2 if i had the result of 4. but i am not sure how i do the integral symbol with band maths
  4. i have a legal license but whenever i use there support they are very limited answers. so i thought i would see if the gis community has done anything like this with ENVI.
  5. i have this equation to use in ENVI 4.8. I do not have access to IDL so i cannot do it by using that. what i am wondering is if it possible to run the equation through Band Math
  6. i am interested in knowing if any users of ENVI 4.8 have done any work on deshadowing images from worldview-2. i have an image of an island that has steep incline that has shadow over it which gets distinguish as water. i was wondering if there is away to remove it using any equations with ENVI that are easy to input. i have got one study though i am not sure how i put the equations in envi or if there are any equivalent ones in envi that i could use to get an end result. i am also interested in using a NDWI to separate between ocean and land. the NDWI equation i use at the moment gets a very similar result to NDVI this is the equation i am using at the moment NDWI= (coastal - NIR2) / (coastal + NIR2) i would like one that picks up rocks as well since this equation seams to pick up vegetation only. thanks Rod
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