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  1. Hi,

    hope this text will find you best in your health.

    Some respected member in this forum is working for med on ArcGIS Pro ......can you please share 1.4.1 so that he have latest version.


    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi guys, Does any of you know the differences between ERDAS IMAGINE and ER MAPPER? Thanks
  3. Guys, The only thing which is not good about commercial software is the license fee we have to pay them. But, don't you think people working for those companies have to eat too? Like us, we need to go to work and get some money to buy things... if we don't eat, we will die for sure and nothing else to complain about. A good thing about commercial software is its quality and standard; we could try to imagine if there was no Windows or Microsoft company or ESRI company or Apple company, or ... there would be nothing, no fancy technology. We would all sit on the desk with a pen and paper doing hard work; some people might have gone crazy because of too much thinking or calculations. In short, I personally like commercial software; by the way, if we use it personally we could try the cracked version anyway... and we earn money from it, it's good to contribute something to its developer; it's fair!!!
  4. Dear Lurker, Thanks for the link. I tried it with my global account, but I got a response email that I am not eligible for the program. Could anyone of us who got the beta software share it here?
  5. Thanks a lot, Lurker for the great news. I wonder if any of us in the forum has tasted ArcGIS 10.1 beta version?
  6. So you know how to crop Google Earth image in ArcGIS? for example, how to set the position to crop?
  7. @3dbu and rahmansunbeam, Regarding the samples (both for signature and for controls), do you have formula to calculate number of samples? for example, based on each class or study area sizes or...?
  8. There is a program called LANDSAT 7 Gap Fill in our forum at http://gisarea.com/index.php?topic=552.0. I am not sure if this could help or not...
  9. the download options say "Level 1 Product ( 232.7 Mb Geotiff)/". I wonder what is Level 1 product?
  10. yes. I used L7 SLC-off (2003-present). Other options could be L7 SLC-on (1999-2003), but there is no recent image after 2010 or 2011?
  11. If possible, we want to classify the vegetation species as well, but I am just afraid my RS skill could not reach this intend. You could give a bit explanation about classify the vegetation species? And you are right, there is no 0% of cloud cover, so what is the maximum % we could use for classification? or Is there a way to remove cloud from the images? One more thing, in Landsat-7 I downloaded, there are many black lines? Is this normal? and How could we remove them from the images? Thanks,
  12. @rahmansunbeam Thanks a lot for your quick response. What i am planning to do are as the following, and please help to correct and answer some of my question. I hope you don't mind... 1- download Landsat-7 (and maybe other imagery) from http://edcsns17.cr.usgs.gov/NewEarthExplorer/ - I am not sure if the downloaded images will be ready for classification process, or I have to do Geometric and radiometric corrections and Image Enhancement? and how to do these Geometric and radiometric corrections and Image Enhancement? 2- field sampling (for creating signature points and control points) 3- Using ERDAS to classify vegetation classes. 4- Compute confusion matrix to access accuracy of the classification based on the control points. 5- Repeat step 4 and 5 in order to compare accuracy of different classification algorithm. 6- Select the most accurate classification algorithm for generating final vegetation map. Again, please correct me and give some other tips. Thanks
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