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Found 12 results

  1. When I tried to download Extraction DEM using sarscape there is an error massage [connection failure EC : 260001] xftp.jrc.it? Is there any way to solve it?
  2. Dear All I want to use supervised image classification method in ENVI 5.3 and I want to link image in ENVI with google earth for accurate training data selection. I can't find this in ENVI. In Erdas Imagine this is really easy to link image with GE but in ENVI i can't find!
  3. Hi all, I am a research intern researching atmospheric correction for smoke, because a lot of the data AVIRIS has given me has smoke in them from wildfires in CA. My study has been using FLAASH and I am trying to see if I can find a set of parameters that best correct for smoke, and I am wondering if anyone here has any good suggestions for settings I should try. Also I have been noticing that overall FLAASH has been doing a really poor job at correcting for smoke in general, does anyone have a reason why or what part of the theory that makes up FLAASH could be failing at modeling smoke? I hope to try ATCOR too hopefully and do the same thing I'm doing for FLAASH. Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi guys. Im working on getting SBAS from 14 Sentinel images. In envi, the ftp server by xjrc is no longer active. anyone has any alternative ftp servers for that? Also, I tried to run SBAS. However, it seems very slow and the progress bar doesnt move after 5 hours. Anyone have any rough idea how long SBAS should take? Thanks
  5. Hi guys! I`m working on land cover change detection project of Kyiv province in Ukraine using Landsat data and ancillary information. I want to find change in Land Cover from 1990 to 2014 of Kyiv province using Decision Tree approach in ENVI. I have already done radiometric correction, atmospheric correction and apply cloud mask to whole Landsat`s scenes, and now I have question and request. Do I need to do mosaicking before classification or mosaicking classified image ? Does anybody have some decision rules for splitting pixels for appropriate land cover classes using Landsat data, DEM, VI? Thanks
  6. Hi all As you know atmospheric effect cuses real Dn values to be reduced. So if we apply an atmospheric correction method like quic correction or log residual (using envi software) resulted dn valuse should be in original range. But what is the problem? for example after applying quac method,dn values range grow to 10 or 20 time grater than original value. What is the problem?Do you know? Than you
  7. hi everyone , how I can creat DTM in Envi??? . if anyone knows about that please share with all. tnks.
  8. Hi all I want to compare Envi software atmospheric correction methods. So I need an appropreate image that atmospheric correction has sensible effect. Do you have any idea?
  9. when i tried to do quick atmospheric correction in envi 4.7 on landsat 8 image .. it showing the input file must contain valid wavelengths .. what should i do ?
  10. Tutorial Using ENvi for fillng gap in landsat https://www.dropbox.com/s/xdvg853vytwccbo/gap%20filling%20in%20envi.docx
  11. Hi! I'm trying to perform some topo correction on Landsat TM and ETM+ data using ASTER DEM (30m) or SRTM DEM (90m). I already used Atcor 3 module for Erdas 2013. But i'm not satisfied with results (it performs topo and atmospheric correction, but I need only topographic). Can You recommend me some software or a method to make topographic correction? I made a script in python for DOS atmospheric correction (its best in my case, i'm going to make change detection on vegetation indices) and its a mountain area so topo correction is required.. Best regards Rutek
  12. Does anyone know if its possible to save the image WITH a custom linear stretch from ENVI 5 for use in other applications? I love the way ENVI is able to apply stretches to images, however I can't figure out for the life of me how to save the output as is (on my screen).
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