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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to process 8 images for PSinSAR in sarscape. I understand at least 20 images is recommended. In my test, during the First Inversion step, the processing is stuck at: 'preliminary candidates selection' for quite some time. I have been waiting at this step for about 24 hours. Anyone has any idea what is going on? Do I continue waiting or is there already a processing error? For your information, the preliminary candidates selection shows: 244/567, where i believe 567 is the total number of PS points. The number increases slowly to 244, but never goes all the way to 567.
  2. I am attempting to process a stack of S1A SLC for SBAS. I face two issues regarding creating a subset in slant range. 1) From the tutorial here: http://sarmap.ch/tutorials/Getting_started.pdf After generating the area subset, the extensions are _pwr (by default). However, I cannot ingest this file format in the SBAS flow. Am I supposed to edit the extension to _slc_list_pwr manually? 2) From the tutorial here: http://sarmap.ch/tutorials/PS_Tutorial_V_0_9.pdf In page 35, there is a supposedly an 'Area of Interest' tool that is to be run after the connections graph process and be
  3. Hi guys. Im working on getting SBAS from 14 Sentinel images. In envi, the ftp server by xjrc is no longer active. anyone has any alternative ftp servers for that? Also, I tried to run SBAS. However, it seems very slow and the progress bar doesnt move after 5 hours. Anyone have any rough idea how long SBAS should take? Thanks
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