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  1. Hi all As you know atmospheric effect cuses real Dn values to be reduced. So if we apply an atmospheric correction method like quic correction or log residual (using envi software) resulted dn valuse should be in original range. But what is the problem? for example after applying quac method,dn values range grow to 10 or 20 time grater than original value. What is the problem?Do you know? Than you
  2. Hi Lurker I have done some atmospheric correction methods using lansat8 oli image, but visibly nothing could be distinguished. I dont know realy correction applied on image or not,if after atmospheric correction an image does not change visibly,then how can i compare methods? Am I right or I have made a mistake?
  3. Hi all I want to compare Envi software atmospheric correction methods. So I need an appropreate image that atmospheric correction has sensible effect. Do you have any idea?
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