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  1. Hello Anay The following link could be useful for you. http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2010/12/14/combining-data-driven-pages-with-python-and-arcpy-mapping/ The easiest way to keep all your mxd files into you a single folder and in the script use the folder path as input and get list of mxd files for loop to make pdf. Thanks S. Molla
  2. In ArcGIS ArcMap use dissolve tool based on class field not merge.
  3. What is your output file type? it should be float, not 8 or 16 bit signed/unsigned integer...
  4. Nice questions! Just tested Desktop questions. It is indeed good one. I tested myself and 194(82%) got correct answer out of 236.
  5. Good luck! you will be always with us with your contributions
  6. Hi Lurker Do you have any idea of pricing of these devices?
  7. I think darksabersan not asked anything related to Esri Enterprise Geodatabase which is in fact refer to ArcSDE, he probably likes to configure the following thing: http://www.esri.com/library/whitepapers/pdfs/how-to-set-up-geoportal-server-122.pdf interesting notes are below: http://northredoubt.com/n/2013/08/22/postgresqlpostgis-and-arcgis-arcmap-10-2/
  8. Interesting topic. I also like to learn it!
  9. So far my understanding, you cannot do it using any single tool/action. You may need to use python and use the the following hints: use search cursor (descending order by shape area), since you said 90% or more area contain means, your one polygon's 5-10% buffer will cover 100% contain, and selected small polygon can marge/delete with the larger one. this way the all polygon loop to solve .... Funny, but might interest you.
  10. This kind of resampling is meaning less however if you really need to do that just follow the steps below: 1. Add 30m DEM to ArcMap 2. Right click on the added layer, place your mouse to 'Data' then click to 'Export Data' 3. From the Export Raster Data - dialog box, just change the Cell Size (as you wanted to 5m) (Don't forget to change No Data value as well if needed to change) Hope, this process will be simple for you.
  11. Java enable opportunity for all platforms (means not 'only windows') Dot Net technology - you will get huge examples (mostly C# now a days) Means you can go for either Java or C#
  12. Is there any version difference between your mentioned 8.9 and the version we are using from this site?!
  13. Sorry Folks to make this is a topic. I may not have all ideas about of this forum as well as geo-informatics terminologies however observing many questions in fact feel not relevant to ask/post without knowing basics. Definitely newbies can seek guideline how to start but if the question is like: - Which interpolation method is good for surface generation? Which one will be good for contour generation? etc. I think this type of question is meaningless in this forum cause the user needs to learn theories on interpolation methods as well as regional experiences etc. This is why I think use search engine and study different forum before post a topic.
  14. The purpose of VBA and Python in fact popular to make easy repeated/iteration-able work inside ArcGIS desktop product. Mostly you need to open core product than you can use your developed tool/button etc. However you also can make GUI using third party/or your developed modules if you are strong on that. But you need to have desktop license installed in your computer. ArcObject offer mainly to make standalone solution through Dot Net framework. To deploy your development you will need runtime license.

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