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  1. Hi all I want to hone my question. I'm looking for tool (probaly need to use python or something) that can iterate this command/logic: For every polygon see if it cover by (spatially, geometry overllap by) another *single* polygon in at least 90 percent of the first polygon. If it does then mark it in some way - thats all. Thank you very much
  2. Hi Thanks for your fast reply but the polygons are not totaly contain each other, but overlapping in some ways, I want only the ones who have at least XX percent of the polygon cover by another polygon to be select/delet. Thanks
  3. I have a layer with many overlapping polygons. I want to select / delet all polygons that another single polygon contain at least 90% (or any other value) of them. I'm using ARCGIS 10 (can get access to other programs) Many Thanks
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