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  1. Sergeant let me try this and will share the results i have a Core I7 8gb Ram . Thanks
  2. Hello I recently converted a raster Land cover data-set of an entire country to vector data The challenge now comes when i try to merge the files of for instance forest land cover class which has about a million polygons to one polygon. I tried to do this in Arcmap 10.2.2, however it hangs and does not complete the process, the other error is memory error. This i don't get as i have more than 200 gb space on drive c. Kindly if there is any other platform which can assist me complete this process. Regards, Eric Ng
  3. hallo members I have vector data in point form. it is about health facilities. i want to do geographic accessibility and spatial coverage of the health facilities. Kindly assist with tutorials and or methods to carry this out Suitable interpolation methods Regards Enganga
  4. Thank you Razeeni this is much better than what i had. Regards
  5. I have a high resolution image ( band 1,2 and 3) and would like to carry out featute extraction suitably using ENVI 5.1. Kindly assist with tutorials and or ways to go arround it.
  6. Achoknyz Usipopata 1st class usirudi apa
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