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  1. The software will come in hardy Mostafa. Will appreciate
  2. Dear Adel.naseri, You much welcome. Do you mind sharing your methodology for UHI retrieval using Aster data. thank you Regards Achoknyz
  3. Dear Cadet, As FLAASH module multiplies the output (surface reflectance data) by 10,000 omitting decimals for faster calculations and lower file size, we should apply this equation: (B1 le 0)*0+(B1 ge 10000)*1+(B1 gt 0 and B1 lt 10000)*float (b1)/10000 where; le means less than or equal ge means greater than or equal gt means greater than lt means less than The resulting surface reflectance data will lie between 0 to less than unity (0 to <1) suitable for further image spectrometry and comparable with most spectral librari
  4. Am interested in conducting thermal mapping using remote sensing at a fairly high resolution. Any one with ideas on what data to use and how to do it Regards
  5. Hello, I wish to convert TRMM daily dataset from HDF format to Ascii data format. Wish to request for script to do massive data conversion Regards
  6. Check the discussion below. You need to look at other parameters affecting temperature not just a black body. I hope this helps. http://www.gisarea.com/topic/3547-calculation-of-emissivity-from-ndvi/?hl=calculating
  7. http://www.mercatorcps.com/MercatorPublish
  8. Want to map out all the aquatic vegetation and submerged vegetation. A clear guide would be so much helpful
  9. Looking for a clear methodology on how to map aquatic vegetation using landsat data. Any info provided will be highly appreciated Regards
  10. Hello Friends, Kindly how do you compute bare soil index from landsat data. Any help will be highly appreciated. Regards Achoknyz
  11. Hi Sigologo, I would appreciate so much if you can send the document to me. The link provided is dead. Regards
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