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  1. There are tools now that can be 'connected' to qgis - landviewer or sentinel hub for example. It's much less trouble than converting file formats, etc. You can have your image 'delivered' from landviewer to qgis (or another software you're using) with the help of WMS, and here's a tutorial:
  2. 3dbu, any luck with the platform? If you have any questions, please ask. Negative feedback also matters.
  3. You can start exploring the platform at https://eos.com/platform There will be 4 tools to choose, I suggest starting from LandViewer. You can use it to find imagery for your Area of Interest, then save it to EOS Storage, and proceed from there to EOS Processing for advanced analysis.
  4. Hi everyone, we're looking for testers for our new EOS Platform. It is a cloud-based platform you can use for geospatial analysis. There are 4 tools included, each has its own functions and they all are mutually integrated, which means you can quickly switch between various tasks and use same data across all the tools. And here are some things you can do: - search, preview, download satellite images (Sentinel-1,2, Landsat 8,7,MODIS, NAIP, etc.) and calculate spectral indices on the fly /this is a tool called Landviewer/ - save the imagery you've found or upload your own from computer, store it in the cloud, share and distribute /this tool would be EOS Storage/ - apply image processing algorithms, you’ll find some basic ones like raster calculator, merge, pansharpening, and the more cool ones built for certain industries (flood detection, forest classification, ag land borders detection, object detection and more) /This is EOS Processing/ - visualize vector data and create maps /EOS Vision/ The platform is in open BETA: https://eos.com/platform And there’s no limit on testers, so everyone is welcome to give it a try and post questions or suggestions to this thread! Anyone interested?

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