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  1. HI. I took MODIS NDVI data. My area is a small basin of 40 hectares The resolution of one pixel is 250m. So one pixel would just cover 6.25 hectares of the basin. It is possible to enlarge the pixel around the center location, but just in (integer) kilometers. So the next bigger area (instead of taking just one pixel) would be 400 hectares, 10 times bigger than my study site. Any suggestions how to solve the problem??
  2. okay. I'm gonna read it But probably the Data won't be good enough for my project, cause my project location is about 0.4km^2 big... Thanks a lot Jason!!
  3. Thanks a lot first! Tell me, the data in the files, are these monthly average values? And the pixels are around 8km x 8km big? I haven't worked with ENVI before. I can also load it in ArcGIS and then just read out the values I need for my specific place? Or do I need to pre-process the data? Raphael
  4. HI guys. I am new to the forum, and also a bit to the world of remote sensing. I am looking at the moment for NDVI data, I need it for a porject about desertification. I found the MODIS NDVI data, but just since the year 2000. There is data available from before (since around 1982) from the NOAA AVHRR, but I cannot find it. Somebody knows about it, where I can get it from? and is this data also already processed (like the MODIS data), so that I just have to download the NDVI values? or can I just obtain the pictures with the different bands? Thanks for an answer! Raphael
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