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  1. Hi my friends, A lot of you know since some weeks that I'm leaving my home country to reach an other position. I will let my family and my friends tomorrow to take my plane for 24 hours of trip.. I would like to present my gratitude to EmperoR and Lurker for their trust and also for their understanding to modify my status. As I say during private messages, I will have a poor bandwidth but I will do my best to continue my contribution with our community because I love to be there, with all of you. Then, this is only a goodbye and not a farewell. Look forward to be back and continue the ad
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  2. It’s been a while since ESRI announced ArcGIS Pro, a clean and revamped version of the ArcGIS Desktop. After a long exhaustive wait for a proper 64-bit geoprocessing and mapping environment ESRI has finally introduced something completely modified out of the scratch. This new version has a lot of new and interesting feature – can visualize, edit, and perform analysis in both 2D and 3D, it’s multithreaded and support 64-bit processing, new set of symbols, tools, workflows in a completely new user interface. There is a lot of excitements in everywhere for this new application. So I d
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  3. Hi guys, I found some interesting Free Erdas Imagine Spatial Modeler Library provided by Sterling Geo. The models have been donated by Sterling Geo employees. They are free to download and use. Index Raster Buffer Around a Binary Image Active Fire Detection Using SWIR and NIR Band Sentinel-2 Cloud Removal Model Sentinel-2 NDVI Model Sentinel GRD 8-bit Colour Polarimetric Model Using ERDAS IMAGINE to Import .asc Files Importing MODIS with NDVI Rescale Categorised NDVI Raster to Shapefile Operators Clump and Sieve Sub Model Area Values from a Thematic Raster Input NDVI Change Detection
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  4. It might be useful!! http://environgeomatics.blogspot.in/2016/01/how-to-add-google-maps-into-arcmap.html How to add google maps into ArcMap Although ArcGIS allows to bring the Bing maps and Esri images as base layers in ArcMap, still sometimes we rely on google images because of their better accuracy and their frequent update. Some of us using openlayers plugin in QGIS to access the google maps as a base map. This tutorial shows you to how quickly you can add the google maps, google hybrid images and open street maps etc. to the ArcMap for testing purposes. Portable basemap server PB
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  5. What is PosterGenius This Version is PG1.5.11.0 (Note latest version wont work with this key) PosterGenius® is a powerful, user-friendly software application that helps you create great scientific posters in less than 10 minutes. PosterGenius® offers a workflow tailored to the needs of everyone who creates a poster presentation. Focus on your content. Let PosterGenius® do the rest. * PosterGenius® separates the content from the design of the poster and enables the user to focus on research results while the application automatically optimizes and manages all the rest. Edit your po
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  6. always interesting what Googles do, recently they make another acquisition, Google on Monday announced its biggest purchase since the mid-2012 Motorola deal – the purchase of Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in cash. Nest Labs produces thermostats and smoke detectors that not only are smart but look good as well. Most interestingly, the founder of Nest is famous former Apple employee Tony Fadell, who’s known for his iPod- and iOS-related work – in fact, he started making Nest thermostats only two years ago, after leaving Apple, and now he will be joining Google. Press Release: MOUNTAIN VIEW
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  7. This is a list of GIS-related blogs http://wiki.gis.com/wiki/index.php/List_of_GIS-related_Blogs
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  8. ESRI Certification was created as a one source stop for all your ESRI and GIS examination, certification, or interviewing test question needs. The application is also a resource for any students looking to obtain a GIS degree program. This application contains over 300 ESRI test questions split up between ArcGIS Desktop and ArcSDE This application contains over 225 desktop questions. Questions are randomly seeded every time so you get a fresh test every time. The application keeps track of you correct answers rating. You can adjust the number of questions in case you want to take shorte
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  9. Urban Network Analysis: A Toolbox for ArcGIS 10 / 10.1 The City Form Lab has released a state-of-the-art toolbox for urban network analysis. As the first of its kind, this ArcGIS toolbox can be used to compute five types of graph analysis measures on spatial networks: Reach; Gravity; Betweenness; Closeness; and Straightness. http://vimeo.com/44728530 The tools incorporate three important features that make them particularly suited for spatial analysis on urban street networks. First, they can account for both geometry and topology in the input networks, using either metric distance (e.g. Me
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