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Erdas signature file help!!!


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i know how to save a .sig at unsupervised classification(were the signatures are randomly taken)... what i needed is to save a .sig  at a supervised(were i chose the signatures for the land-uses )... Thanks anyway for your time i am going for the exams now :P...god if your there be with me...

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Although it seems to be too late now - I suggest the following solution:

At a supervised classification you derive the signatures from training-areas which you have digitized as AOI-polygons (area of interest) directly into the satellite-image.

With the signature-editor you can get a corresponding signature for each AOI you previously set. When all signatures are ready (e.g. 1 Sig. for pastureland, 1 for woodland, 1 for water...) you can save them into a .sig-file (File-menu of the signature-editor > save). This .sig-file can be used as input for a supervised classification.


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Thanks i had almost forgotten the signature editor !!! But i did it there because i finished the rest exercise in a few minutes so i had 1:30 hour for that (i did it in 10 minutes tho) my grade was 8.5/10 and my Teacher in remote sensing told me - if you want we can do your final graduation homework together -  :azn: cool day ..... (i took 8,5 because i did some ***at theory)

Thanks Again

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