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  1. Great! i don't know how you found this, but thanks a lot
  2. hallo I have the following problem sometimes when i try to export or import (multiple, single) a shp into a Geodatabase I can but most of the times like now it gives me this error Messages Executing: FeatureClassToGeodatabase C:\Users\..... C:\Users\....\Desktop\....\poleodomia_2a.gdb Start Time: Tue Jan 10 17:07:53 2012 ERROR 000824: The tool is not licensed. Failed to execute (FeatureClassToGeodatabase). Failed at Tue Jan 10 17:07:53 2012 (Elapsed Time: 0,00 seconds) I have changed my license with the generator but still it gives me the same message ( it hasn't given me a
  3. Thanks i had almost forgotten the signature editor !!! But i did it there because i finished the rest exercise in a few minutes so i had 1:30 hour for that (i did it in 10 minutes tho) my grade was 8.5/10 and my Teacher in remote sensing told me - if you want we can do your final graduation homework together - :azn: cool day ..... (i took 8,5 because i did some ***at theory) Thanks Again
  4. i know how to save a .sig at unsupervised classification(were the signatures are randomly taken)... what i needed is to save a .sig at a supervised(were i chose the signatures for the land-uses )... Thanks anyway for your time i am going for the exams now ...god if your there be with me...
  5. erdas imagine 9.2 (i have exams tomorrow so if anyone can answer this fast i would be pleased !!)
  6. Hello, please help me at this one!!! How i export some signatures that i made in a supervised classification (make them a .sig file) to use it at an other image?(erdas) :undecided: Thanks
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