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  1. HI all, any update on this mission? are the dataset available yet? Best
  2. Hi, Can you please reactivate my account? I am back in the geospatial activity again Best reagards
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I have ArcGIS in hand. Let me check HEC-HMS and will report back how I do. NOt very clear to me right now, how do you model which area gets flooded, since I think not every area under the waterheight will get flooded, only area close to the river/bassin, and even then, waterlevel is not getting as high as where the gauge is. Hery
  4. Hi All, I would like to model floods and evaluate damages it could have had on crops in a particular area. The problem is however, I do not have clue where to start and what processes are. So far, the dataset I have : - Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - Land use map (with crop types) - measure from gauge : water height (in meter) and debit (in cubic meter per second) so, from there, where I am going, any other datasets needed? Thank you
  5. I can be a testers, if it is as simple as you described it and not very time consuming
  6. Hi all, I came accross something and I am stuck, need your help : - I have a point shapefile - I also have a raster file I want to append the raster pixel value into the shapefile attributes (equivalent to append in shapefile/shapefile, but I don't know how with raster) I am using arcGIS, but also erdas (thanks lomex) thank you
  7. Hi all, it is too late now but it may be helpful to others - save the signature file - change the image association from the signature editor, edit menu - the .sig file is now associated with the image to be classified
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