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  1. The 2017 Capacity Building Workshop of Satellite Remote Sensing for Southeast Asian Scientists is organized by the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University (CSRSR, NCU), Taiwan. This workshop is officially supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for young scientists to learn knowledge and experience hands-on practices. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to meet internationally well recognized scholars in remote sensing to share their valuable experiences and knowledge with young scientists. Themes Satellite Remote Sensing Infrastructure in Taiwan Satellite Remote Sensing Applications in Asia Integration of Active/Passive Remote Sensing, GNSS and GIS Spatial Information, Sciences and Applications The expenses for each participant will be covered by the workshop Round Trip Airfare: based on Economy Class (According to MOST rule, airfare is subject to change) Accommodation Visa fee ( only when applicable, not covering the travel expenses to and from the Embassy or Consulate for applying a visa or other related documents) The application is open from June 12 to July 7 and the results of acceptance will be announced by July 17 via email Visit http://www1.csrsr.ncu.edu.tw/workshop/index.php for detail information about the workshop
  2. Kenapa tidak pakai data SRTM saja Mbak?
  3. I've figured what's wrong with my query :-D SELECT Point.id, Point.geom, Box.Postcode, CASE WHEN Box.postcode = 'A' THEN 'A' WHEN Box.postcode = 'B' THEN 'B' WHEN Box.postcode = 'C' THEN 'C' ELSE 'No postcode' END AS PointPostcode WHERE ST_Intersects(Box.geom, Point.geom)
  4. I am trying to write case statement to intersect point in areas using Postgres as below: SELECT Point.id, Point.geom, Box.Postcode, CASE WHEN ST_Intersects(Box.geom, Point.geom) AND Box.postcode = 'A' THEN 'A' WHEN ST_Intersects(Box.geom, Point.geom) AND Box.postcode = 'B' THEN 'B' WHEN ST_Intersects(Box.geom, Point.geom) AND Box.postcode = 'C' THEN 'C' ELSE 'No postcode' END AS PointPostcode INTO PointCode FROM Point, Box The idea is that every Point which is located inside the Box will have a new attribute column named 'PointPostCode' and have postcodes information: 'A','B','C' depends on their locations. And for the point located outside the box will have information 'No postcode'. I run those queries successfully, I also got the new column as what I want. The points located inside the Box also have the postcode information correctly but not with the 'No postcode' information. Could someone help me to correct the query? :-D
  5. Selecting date on postgresql

    It works using the query below when I applied into my another table..strange!! :-D SELECT * FROM table WHERE dt::date = '2017-01-01' surf on the stack and found the query below, and it works. many thanks Lurker
  6. Selecting date on postgresql

    Still doesn't work for me.., here is my Table. As alternative I use the query below, but not a simple once in my opinion: just in case If I have datetime column on this format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" as timestamp column type.Literally will it works to select the date column by only write query below:
  7. I have date column on postgresql table with timestamp format i.e "2017-01-01 22:00:00". Does anybody know how to select those date column without put the hour on the queries? What I type for selecting those date is "select date from table where date='2017-01-01' " but nothing appear on the result. Look forward to hear from you guys !! regards
  8. Semoga ga OOT :-D kebetulan saya bekerja di bidang GIS untuk bidang Land development namun 0 pengalaman dalam penggunaan peralatan survey kecuali GPS hehe Mohon infonya tempat kursus penggunaan alat survey untuk kebutuhan mapping? barang-kali ada yang punya info-nya Kalo bisa per-orangan bukan dalam jumlah besar/kelompok hehe terima kasih
  9. Annotation convert to Shape file

    I don't know if DGN is CAD format, but if you had CAD files ("annotation") and you want to export it as shapefile you can use CAD to geodatabase tool in arctoolbox. All CAD files will be exported into geodatase, including the annotation. The next step is by exporting the annotation into shapefile just by doing right click and select export to shapefile. This annotation will be exported as point/polygon (depends*), you can find the annotation information in the attribute table
  10. Build Intranet/LAN GIS

    Hoi dear gisarea, How can I share GIS data with my internal partner in the offices? Do I need arcgis server for this? the price is not so friendly for me :-D. Does there are any alternatives to build such as intranet/LAN GIS? The basic ideas is that I want to share my GIS map and GIS data with my internal partners in the office,so they can search what kind of map and data they need and print it by himself. regards,
  11. Surface Volume Calculation

    Hi thanks Hiram, you save my day!!
  12. Dear GIS Area, I have topobathy data as TIN, and I would like to calculate the volume of the bathymetry area (elevation below 0 meter). I use the surface volume tool in arcgis to calculate the volume and set the reference plane as "below" and set the plane height as "0" . Does the tool also calculates the topo area which is also has z below the 0 or only calculate the bathymetry area ? Could somebody help me to explain ? I have look the explanation on this official website http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#/How_Surface_Volume_works/00q900000037000000/but I'am still confused with it. Thanks
  13. Folder structures for GIS

    Dear gisarea, I've been working with gis for 2 years, but still I am not good in managing the data. There are so many shp, received from the clients, edited data, delivered data and etc. Yes I've used the geodatabase to managing the gisdata but I can't make good structures folder to manages this shp. I've tried with making structures folder such as below Start Data (I keep all raw data in this folder) Work Data (all edited shp file and raster i put on this folder Delivered Data ( I put my final shp and drawing on this folder) Would you mind to share an experiences on how to make good structures folder for working with gis data? regards,
  14. Offline-enabled mobile GIS app

    What are you looking it's seems similar with this article. Hope the article below can give you any informations
  15. It's work now, Thanks. When I used path "/" there is no error notification come up. In python the legal path are: "F:/Data", "F:\\Data", "F:\Data", usually i used this path "F:/Data" for another function, and it's works. Does every types of path has to be use for any certain function in python? or i can use all of those type of path for any function?

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