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Found 7 results

  1. When you create your maps with the help of online services, sometimes you surely want not only to see your data on the map, but also to make at least some mathematical analysis. For example, to create a chart reflecting the change in the data and to estimate how much your data is correlated in some attributes and to construct a linear regression equation. Not every online service for maps creation provides such an opportunity. In OpenWebGIS you can do it. In this article, we'll start talking about how you can do it yourself in your service using JavaScript language.Please read more about it: h
  2. Hello, I am working on a project that requires that I automatically generate polygons to approximate the boundaries of some districts because our country does not have these informartions. The idea I had was to generate these boundaries from the distances of the point groups belonging to each polygon. I attach the diagram below in order to illustrate my ask. I only have the coordinates of the points Ai to Gi. All Ai points belong to the polygon A, all points Bi to the polygon B, etc. I do not have any data space allowing me to create polygons A to B. I can be content with a realis
  3. As the topic title implies, does anyone here have any experience with programming in Delphi & specifically with using ArcObjects? I have built a customised ArcReader application that I am now wanting to extend the functionality of and have installed & licensed ArcGIS Engine 10.2 and also installed the ArcObjects .NET SDK. I have followed the instructions published by Roger Dunn for component registration under Delphi but I'm not sure all of the components are available, specifically one called "ReaderControl" as opposed to the one I was using before called "ArcReaderControl".
  4. Hello There! Would like to share this link for those interested to code in python and make maps =) http://sensitivecities.com/so-youd-like-to-make-a-map-using-python-EN.html I was able to create 300 of these maps in 2 hours after reading this. =) Also done this to visualize the extent of damage due to storm surges brought about byTyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda in our country name) in Tacloban City, Eastern Samar.
  5. Hello, My background is in Simulation programming, and after a while in this industry I want to change. I have done a bit of GIS programming in my work, as visualisation is important in simulation I've written DEM importers and 3D visualisers, etc. I have even used ESRI ArcMap a few times many years ago but nothing recently. I've mainly used C# and C++, but have done not much web based. I have always enjoyed the geographic elements of programming which is why I want to get more into "GIS". I would like to also do field work. I resent being behind a computer so much and want to be o
  6. http://courses.ncsu.edu/nr595d/common/index.html Boooom.
  7. It's been a long time since Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, invented the high-level object-oriented programming language called Python. No sooner the language hit the community, it spread like fire. The true power of python is that it's free, fully open-source, easy to learn and understandable, well documented high-level programming environment. Like any other community, GIS also thrived with it. From OSGeo to the mighty ESRI, everyone is somewhat using Python in their projects. New tools, apps and websites are making way. Developers are building new frameworks and modules for it. In th
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