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  1. Checkout Done by Hussein Nasser, an absolute ESRI GIS boss. He's written loads of books as well.
  2. Hi there bru, I'm also a saffa, but live in the UK. Been using this site for about 2 years now - it's awesome. darksabersan is an absolute legend - he will hook u up with nearly anything you ask for.
  3. Hey mate I also live in Southampton. Are you a student or professional?
  4. NRM638 Python Scripting with ArcGIS10 Objectives: To learn basic Python scripting independent of GIS To learn how to write stand-alone geoprocessing scripts for ArcGIS10 To learn how to make and document script tools for ArcGIS10 To learn how to automate mapping tasks using arcpy.mapping http://nrm.salrm.uaf.edu/~dverbyla/nrm638/
  5. I'm beginning to realise that Python, no matter if being used by GIS or not, is an exceptional coding skill to have.
  6. http://courses.ncsu.edu/nr595d/common/index.html Boooom.
  7. Hi there Here is a really great resource for all those GIS analysts out there looking to learn Python. It starts with model builder, then moves onto Python with exercises for you to practice. It has helped me so much. https://www.e-education.psu.edu/geog485/node/17
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