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Found 6 results

  1. Hej all, I want to combine two georeferenced rasterfiles. One rasterfile should be in background, the ohter smaller image should lay over the background image. In ArcGIS I've tried combine, composite, mosaic and other tools without success. When I used this methods I get only a one channel image. I want to combine to one image (e.g. geotiff) that have two channels that each present one of the input images, so that I can assign color ramp to overlap region like the linked screeshot below. I know I could export the map, but I need the combined image in same dimensions and projection like inputs for further processing with other software. I also tried other tools in qgis, saga, grass and matlab but also without desired result. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfq65ok07iypihz/overlay.jpg?dl=0 Thanks in advance! Oernsen
  2. I have a multi-temporal NDVI package of raster images (100) and each image represents the monthly-annualy values of the NDVI for a large geographic region (28 april 2000, 15 may 2000, 24 july 2001, ...etc). I would like to export the rasters to an Excell table that should contain: date of image aquisition, a specific geographic region and the NDVI values for that region of interest. The values should be averages, minimum and maximums. With this table, I would like to make some statistical analysis. So, how can I do this job, by using ArcGIS or any other software ? Thank you. Arhanghelul
  3. I have some digital map data and I would like to create a topographic map for GPS handheld. I am looking for someone I can email, skype or phone to ask a lot of general questions. I can pay for your time. I have a set of hundreds of .jpg image files from an online topo map. The .jpgs are 256x256 pixels and the names relate to the x, y coordinates on the map. The image tiles are not geo-referenced. I also have some .gdb files that I can't seem to open with GIS software. I am in the Minneapolis, MN area. Please contact me if you can offer some advice. Thanks, Rick
  4. Hello Everybody! I need help about comparison of GIS software capable of raster network analysis. I just find some information about ARCGIS software and i coulnd find anything about the other softwares. Can someone help me about it. Best Regards.
  5. Hi all, I have a lot of rasters of the same size, location, projection, file type etc. that I need to stack. Ordinarily I would do this with the Stack Layer option in ERDAS, but now I have to do it a whopping 60 times * 9 bands. There must be a better way to do this, so I thought of FME. But FME with the rasterbandcombiner baffles me. I insert 9 rasters in there and I get 9 rasters back, although I wanted 1 raster with 9 bands back instead. I know you can do it in ArcGIS too, but my classifier (Randomforest in R) does not take kindly to rasters that are created with ArcGIS (no matter what format). Does anyone know how to stack these rasters together in a more automated fashion (in another program or using the rasterbandcombiner in FME)? Also, the rasters are not necessarily all the same bit range (8-bit etc.) and not necessarily of the same spatial resolution. Much thanks! I already found the solution, you are supposed to use the sort. FME can only stack similar bands, not like ERDAS stack anything you like. If someone has an automated solution for that last bit, that would be great. Thanks all.
  6. Hi from USA ! I wanted to recalcuate the "Count" column when you clip a raster and then convert it to polygon, the count column itself carrys it over from the origional raster. How do I recalculate it in the count column in the polygon ? I know you can do that from the toolbox but what about within the table ? Thanks for feedback...
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