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  1. It's a personal project to make a map for my Garmin Montana 600 GPS. I will try opening the .gdb files with Map Source, I didn't realize that there are two different types of .gdb files. I will definitely need a batch method to geo-reference the .jpg images because there are hundreds of images.
  2. I have some digital map data and I would like to create a topographic map for GPS handheld. I am looking for someone I can email, skype or phone to ask a lot of general questions. I can pay for your time. I have a set of hundreds of .jpg image files from an online topo map. The .jpgs are 256x256 pixels and the names relate to the x, y coordinates on the map. The image tiles are not geo-referenced. I also have some .gdb files that I can't seem to open with GIS software. I am in the Minneapolis, MN area. Please contact me if you can offer some advice. Thanks, Rick
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