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  1. you can use Quick Terrain Modeler http://appliedimagery.com/tutorials#28
  2. i'm looking for any add-on, extension or software for doing plantation planning (oil palm). these include zoning based on terrain, no of trees can be planted based on distance and slope, optimum road construction. Thanks in advance.
  3. good luck and thanks for your contribution !!!!
  4. qed

    Tree counting

    I getting some images of a oil palm estate taken from a DIY drone. The image is stitch and mosaic. Has anyone done automated tree counting on these images. Seen some examples using eCognition but that was with multi-spectral images.
  5. fme does has these functions. do read up on it's transformers. it able to work with large data cause it's pipe in. another solution is QGIS. it's free and read that it's proccesing more efficient than arcgis.
  6. do try FME safe. they have a 64-bit version in order to make use of max ram.
  7. hi, i got a map in x,y 487500 , 1027500. The area is around Menamang Kiri in Kalimantan east, nearby Samarinda. Can anyone tell me what map projection is this? I need to convert it into WGS84. TIA
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