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  1. Excellent application for those of us who are dedicated to managing vegetation cover through the analysis of satellite images. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi mhmdiart, I wish you could share the Erdas 2018 program with your medicine, I would really appreciate it. Cheers

  3. It seems an interesting tool for those of us who work with images, greetings ... 😎
  4. Hi, I think it's interesting, we'll have to learn this new topic at ArcGis. Regards
  5. Hi, I hope this help you. When you select image (*tif) in ArcMap 10 right click select data -export data- in emergent window select Raster dataSet (Original) in this window you can select Bands and his order, if you select Use Renderer (Output Raster) only take 3 bands in yours ordered, for example 4-5-7 (RGB). If don't select Use Renderer all bands will exported. So long
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