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  1. kamanda

    GIS proposals

    Hello members, I am looking for ideas on how i can develop a GIS proposal. I used to think that i would never come across the need for developing proposals after school. Now here i am several years in the working field and i am faced with that challenge. That said, is there anyone out there who can point me to the right direction?. I would like to develop a GIS proposal. what books or other online resources can i read. hopefully free resources. Thank you.
  2. Hi Lurker. Thanks for the links.
  3. Hello guys Thanks for the support. I am supposed to sit for an interview for the post of GIS analyst. Any suggestions on how to prepare for it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks guys for the help. cheers
  5. Hello Is there anyway of DYNAMICALLY linking Arcgis to MS Access. Can someone kindly enlighten me. Thanks in Advance
  6. hi friends. i have a problem my layers not overlaying. i guess its all about projection and coordinate systems. this topic really confuses me. i have googled it but i dont get clear info. any help will be appreciated thanks.
  7. what about javascript tutorials, books etc.where can we find them thanks
  8. hi. this is the first forum i have ever used and so far its been wonderful i would like to learn how to come up with one..i mean every thing that is involved.(especially technical) thanks
  9. it is such a shame. a few months ago demonoid was brought down..
  10. this will surely introduce me to arcgis programming. thanks
  11. hello all, My name is Ayub from Uganda.i accidentally came across this forum which am learning to use. i must say this is one of the best forums i have seen i am just learning gis and remote sensing. thanks
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