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ArcGis add photo to database.


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Hi im try to add a miniature in a database, for have it in shp map.

For do this i use this method:

i edit a point, line or polyline, and in the  edit mode i select identy tool, and in the identify feature i select the first value , and with right click i add a hyperlink to a photo.

done this i can see a photo or when i select the line, point or polyline, with hyper link tools, or with identy tool right click and hyperlink...

but i wish had a immediately visulization, in other words I'd like to see the picture immediately, i think that for have this is to add photo directly on a database field, so in html popup tools i can have a photo with other database information, but i dont have idea when i can do this

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I'm at home now and can't provide much detail on this (i don't have arcgis desktop on my home pc)

since you already mentioned that you've created hyperlink to the photo for each record, open layer properties of the corresponding layer (layer that you want to associate with the photo and has the photo hyperlink) and look for 'HTML Popup' tab. Choose custom XSL - but you have to create the custom XSL. There's  samples in 'ArcGIS Help'. Look for HTML Popup tools

Once you done with the HTML Popup configuration, instead of using 'info' tools to view the atributes, use HTML Popup tools.

p/s: I'll try too look for the one I did few months back tomorrow

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Jsst checking out ArcGIS Help and surprise surprise! ArcGIS 10 (arceditor and arcinfo license only) now support attachments (any files - pics, pdf, doc etc..) for feature. But this can only be done in geodatabase because the attachment will be stored in it.

In your case, this can be helpful since you need not to specify additional hyperlinks and you picture file can be embedded together with the feature class. Attchments can be viewed with info tools, attribute windows or HTML Popup. The latter is actually what you need (click once, show everything - pictures and attributes)

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