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  1. Please can somebody tell me how i can use this map on arcmap or globalmapper? Tks
  2. Great its just what im looking for. Tkx.
  3. Hi im try to add a miniature in a database, for have it in shp map. For do this i use this method: i edit a point, line or polyline, and in the edit mode i select identy tool, and in the identify feature i select the first value , and with right click i add a hyperlink to a photo. done this i can see a photo or when i select the line, point or polyline, with hyper link tools, or with identy tool right click and hyperlink... but i wish had a immediately visulization, in other words I'd like to see the picture immediately, i think that for have this is to add photo directly on a database field, so in html popup tools i can have a photo with other database information, but i dont have idea when i can do this
  4. Hi to all im new in the gis world. Im just begain to use arcgis. So please be patient with me... Best regards Fester
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