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Drone for Surveying


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I am completely a beginner on Drone. I used it only for capturing video (aerial videography) which in my opinion bit useless for surveying activities. I would love to hear any suggestion on using drone for surveying and could anyone suggest any opensource drone app for surveying?  I am using DJI Inspire-2

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actually, it is easier than aerial videography if you are using mission planner for the drone, you lift up your drone and automatic piloting and photography will take the rest.

but first, of course, you need compatible software for mission planner to DJI Inspire 2, and by quick search seems drone deploy will do the job.

for my experience, our office use Mission planner software with custom drone that compatible with Ardupilot , this platform completely open source

just set the waypoint and overlap/sidelap each picture, then you a ready to go.

for best result, you may need GPS Geodetic to fix the position, 


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