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View georadar data in Arcgis?!

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I'm working with guys, who scanned some territories with GPR (ground penetrating radar). This device collecting many-many datas from the reflected radar waves. The datas are collected by layers, commonly by every 20-50 centimeters. If ya want to find any infrastructural element or archeological thing, ya need to examine these layers. I want to ask ya, anyone tested any ArcGis extension, to view ground radar datas or any seismic datas? This is a bit new for meh, i don't know, how big is a GPR raw data, and how it's look like:)

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Radar raw data cannot directly open in GIS software, you need software that can transform SAR Raw data into ready image data that later can be analyzed via ArcGIS

most advanced is GAMMA SAR, or you can use Sarscape from ENVI or ERDAS SAR Suites

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Once i've participated in a georadar survey by an archeological site. Came 3-4 scientist guy, and brought a device. They pulled that device on the ground, and a display showed the penetration-reflection diagramms. Every measurement was made along a line. Two surveyor measured the real coordinates of the line start and end point. With a GPR analyst software they can combinate more measurement zone, so they can make an image about a wide are (scanned with 3-4...x georadar line), and can export that image. Every measurement, what made along a line, is a multi-depth measurement. By our site, the max scann depth was circa 2,2 meters, and every output images made by 10 centimeters. I show you a sample image.

Btw, i don't know more about that subject, i only wanted, how can i, or what can i display in a GIS software from a GPR raw data, or any processed data.


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hem, i think its suitable if you use geophysical software than general GIS software like Arcgis

I have a friend that use geoelectric tool to get soil moisture stratification, and seems when I saw the data, its difficult to plot it in ArcGIS

try something like ENCOM DISCOVER (Mapinfo Plugin) or any gephysical plugin software that compatible with arcgis

ArcGIS only suites for Surface data or near surface, CMIIW

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GPR data have to be processed first (filtered, enhanced), then converted to image files (jpg, bmp, tif etc) and only then you can import those images as "slices" in some software that can create 3D representations using  those "slices". An alternative solution is to define coordinates in every "slice" (relative will do) and use the nviz module of GRASS GIS to make a 3D representation of those "slices" (GPR recordings). 

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