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  1. Hi everyboy, I have found some old maps in CartoMap .cgf format. It is multiple file based GIS format like the shapefile (there is a .cgf file for the vector data and .dbf for the attributes etc.) Has anybody worked with that format and/or with the CartoMap application? I have found some dead websites where I have read about the freeware editor software (CartoMap pro), but in 2020 all download links are dead. There is a website (https://cartovcl.com/download-files/) where you can download Delphi based source codes, etc. but no .exe installer here. My goal: - to get that application - to convert the old files to shp/dxf/whatever Anyone have any idea?:) cheers
  2. Hi People! Anyone tested the Virtual Surveyor application to compute drone (UAV) collected aerial datasets? Any idea, where can I find a krakked version? olla,
  3. Hi everyone! I've been thinking on dowload data from online sources, like this: http://mapire.eu/hu/map/cad-pest/?zoom=8&lat=47.08813&lon=19.45902 As you can see, it ha a google map-like basemap and the data is a big ECW file. If you zoom, it extracts to the browses cache (?). Anyone have idea, how can i download it? A, tiles from the cache? B, programmed bot, which steps the camera + and create a printscreen? olla,
  4. Hi! I've done it. I've some WMS addresses, and i'm using Global Mapper 14 to download the rasters. You can easily download too, just install Gm14, then run it, there is and option in the start display, that "download from online sources", click on it, you will find some pre define online sources, but you can setup a new WMS or any type internet sources. If you configured your wms server, you just connect to it. If you want to export (download the data and export) to a new file, with any format type, you can click on file > export > raster > select the type and other things (resolution etc.). Then OK, and you need to wait, because even if you have very fast connection, maybe the GM + your computer will compute a bit. My advice, that you need a pre created shapefile, which can be use as mask to export the big online raster to smaller sections. Just open the shapefile in the GM14 too, and select one of these sections, and in the control panel you need to click on the raster > options > cropping > crop to current selected polygon. Now you need to hide the shapefile, and you can see your cropped image. Now export as i've wrote above:) Enjoy! My advice, use ECW format. Small, very usable and the GIS programs eating it:))
  5. HI! Some update: The Arcgis 10.1 (with or without sp1) freezing by every 20-40 minutes on my 64 windows 7, 12 gb ram core i7 machine. But with my old, windows xp 32bit laptop, it works fine. Why? The second thing: i've just bored to start again arcmap after freezing, and i've used the googli to see, anyone have that thing too: The answer: yes! Many people cryin to the esri, to make something: http://forums.arcgis...hing-frequently after some reading, scrolling, i've found that on that site: "...We seem to have solved our crashing problem. On Friday, Esri Canada tech support walked me through (1) repairing my installation, and (2) resetting my profile. I have not had a crash since. My colleague did the same yesterday, and he has not had a crash since. You may want to contact your own Esri tech support for full instructions for doing this, particularly as one step involves messing with your Windows Registry. I do not claim to be any kind of expert in this, so use the steps outlined below with caution, and only if you know what you're doing. REPAIR ARCGIS 10.1 INSTALLATION - close all applications - go to Add/Remove Programs - go to ArcGIS 10.1 Desktop, select Change/Remove - select Repair - wait for completion - do NOT start ArcMap when done RESET USER PROFILE - ensure ArcMap NOT open - go to C:\Documents and Settings\snorth\Application Data\ESRI\ - rename this folder (e.g., to ESRI_old) - go to System Registry (via Start - Run - regedit) - go to HKEY CURRENT USER - Software - ESRI; rename ESRI (e.g., to ESRI_old) So far, this has worked for the two problem installations in my office. sarah..." That Sarah made that above, and worked fine for some days. And freezed again. I've just made that, and after 5 minutes of working, tha ArcMap speed is like the new installed version. Very fast clicking, opening, etc. I hope, i can help you a bit! oioi Update: i've worked wiith arcmap, and freezing after 40 minutes....i've tested ctrl+alt+del > running processes > arcmap > high priority instead normal...waited about 1-2 minutes, arcmap gone back from freez, saved all edits and restart application...I think the 9.3.1 was more usable, 10.1 is a crap...
  6. maunaloa

    ArcMap crash

    hmm, my arcgis running with a simple license manager, no fix or other 3rd party program. I'm using only the standard 10.1, because the 10.1 sp1 can't open ecw, dropping error message "invalid raster datset etc." By the georeferencing, if i zomm in, zoom out for a bunch of times, the program sloowing down, after 20 minutes sometimes crashes. If not, only sloowing down to the hell... The main problem, that i'm using around 1000-10000 gcps, and the arcmap 10.1 labels all gcps, which sloowing down the computer. Like i wrote before, i have a strong machine, 4 core, 12 gb ram, and that crap freezing, sloowing with 300-400 mb ram...?? why we need a good computer in 2013, if that newest arcgis can't use multiple cpu, more ram, have memory holes.... oioi
  7. maunaloa

    ArcMap crash

    Hi all! I'm a bit unhappy....That cr@p ArcMap freezing in every 20-40 minutes. By georeferencing, by editing, by digititizing, by every processes it's freezing, soemtimes not only freezing, it drops an error message window "Send error report to esri bla bla". My computer is very stable, can't freez, work in every situation. 12 gb ram, i7 cpu, very kool machine. That cr@p arcmap uses only 250-500 mb ram, so i dunno what is the problem? It's only arcmap 10.1, without any updates. Any idea? Anyone, who have this freezing thing too? I hate that, because if i work for 15 minutes, and think "i will save my edit after this curve, or i will georeference just this last picture" and that ******* arcmap freezes..........%5"+% so?
  8. update: i forgot, that i'm using norton ghost. if the system speed is under the "mirrored" 100%, for example after many program installation, many surfing it can be 60-70 % ! So, the upper question is a bit complex: the windows can kill itself, and the user can make it faster:) The GIS program, parallel with this progress, will be slooower and slower.... By global mapper, i dont see any sloowing, but the ArcGis (OrkGis)- i think - is very system speed sensible. I installed arcgis 10.1 sp1, and after the installation, arcgis can't open ecw files (omg!). Dropping a window "invalid raster dataset..". Anyone have solution? cheers
  9. Hi everyone! I hope, this topic will be a good place in this General Topic. So: i have a new notebook, i think its kool, i7 cpu, 12 gb ram, 1 tb hdd (old sata3 not ssd). Thought, the ArcGis 10.1 + windows 7 64 will be fine..but not. The main problem is by opening and using many rasters. The ecw file zoom in-out is pretty kool, but the jpg, png, other raster slooowing down the system. Not only the gis program, it's sloowing the main system too. The arcgis uses only 300-600 mb ram, and few cpu, so how can it slow down the pc? My main question is: have anyone had this problem too? cheers
  10. Hi all! I've just wanted to open some digital globe premium content in global mapper, and wanted to export to raster because the zooming so slooow. The premium content is free, if you choose the watermarked option. If i want to export, global mapper says "the watermarked premium content copyrighted etc etc". I think the watermaked image is a "watermarked". Why we can't save that?...blahhh So, any idea, how an we break it, crack it, for save that images? The h@kker team, wo helped us, to use the global mapper, can give a fix for that? olla
  11. Hi! I've just found a solution for a small (sometimes big) problem. I've created a big Ecw dataset. The size was many gigabyte, and the working time was around a half day. And i've wanted open the file in arcgis > dropped an error "Invalid raster dataset". Many times i restarted the the progress, created a new file. Okay, shortly the solution: don't use any chars, only numbers and characters from english alphabet. I used é, á, ú, ű chars, and when i've changed it to e, a, u, the Arcgis opened the file... I hope this will help for anyone:) olla
  12. hem, you are wizard...thx a lot, it works fine by me too! Something is wrong with meh, i don't understand the .net coding...vba was a bit simple... Next day i will test it and maybe a bit change something, to format the output coord style (integer x y instead single/long formatted coords) but, again, thx mate! I hope it helps other guys too! olla
  13. hi! i've tested the code but can't work... in visual studio2010 made a button, insterted a code snippet > get map coordinate from screen, and made a modusedown event, with that code above...but many errors, can't build... But i've found that > http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/21220-add-in-button-mouse-down-capture Here is an example, to make a tool instead a button. The tool runs the code after clicking on the screen. I've copied, and wanted to test, but this code runs silent, so i need to drop a msgbox with the x,y coord (to see the coord result) + put it on the clipboard any idea?
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