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    Images mosaic in Arcmap 10 do not open correctly in Erdas Imagine 2011

    By deepgis,
    Hello Everyone. I need someone's help to resolve my problem.  I did mosaic my 27 images in Arcmap using New mosaic data set tool. When I opened the output mosaic image in Arcmap 10, everything goes fine but when I open the same image in Erdas 2011 the file pixle value 255 and LUT value 255 show 0 histogram and image display with black spots. How can I resolve this problem?

    Universal Map Downloader and how to compress its big combined BMP file result

    By moed_dev,
    Hi Guys..  :grin: This is not my field, so I need your advise. I'm using UMD to download an area in Sumatera island. After completing the download and combining those ten-thousands tiles, I got this bloody 2Gigs BMP file. ArcCatalog took almost an hour to build the pyramid so that I can see the result. I don't think BMP is good format to keep, so I need your advise what tools I can use to convert and compress this BMP file and what kind of file extension should be good in further GIS file


    By mikeostiarm,
    Hello! Last week I found a nice job, but there is a problem. They ask me to orthorectify and then to mosaic some images. In teory, I know how to orthorectify an image, but before going to the job interview, I want to make some practice. I can't find over the net the data that I need to orthorectify an image. My request is: Could someone help me with a tutorial, but most important, the data for the tutorial? To orthorectify an image sometimes you need the RPC for that image ( or you can build y

    Radarsat-2 StereoAnalyst and DEM

    By Jecika,
    Hi, Does anyone know the procedure to create a block project for StereoAnalyst use with RadarSAT-2 HH SLC images? Have bunch of those images and they are not stereo-pair type. Also have to extract a DEM and have terrible results …..does not look like DEM at all So if someone can give me some hints Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

    looping through grouped records

    By samirz10,
    Hello All, I am new to python scripting and need to write a code to basically loop through selected records of a feature class. Here's a sample of how attribute table looks like. I have also attached a pgdb. OBID ID FromLeft ToLeft FromRightToRight Flag 1 1 0 9 2 10 2 1 8 19 12 24 3 22 3 23 2 12 4 3 0 0 4 16 5 1 21 29 26 30 6 3 0 11 18 22 7 1 27 31 32 42 8 3 13 19 22 28 Here's what I am trying to do. 1. Grab all the records with same id (say ID=1) 2. sort "Fr

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    • A plug-in to integrate Google Earth Engine with QGIS using Python API. Usage Step 1: Sign up for Google Earth Engine. Step 2: Install QGIS. Step 3: Install the Google Earth Engine Plugin for QGIS and authenticate Google Earth Engine. Step 4: Git clone or download this repository. Step 5: Open the Python console in QGIS and load any downloaded Python script into the QGIS Python Editor. Step 6: Click the Run script button on the Python Editor to execute the script. Step 7: Zoom in/out the QGIS Canvas to inspect the results. Installation and getting started Examples Get Started Hello world! Adding data to QGIS Finding images Band math Mapping (what to do instead of a for-loop) Reducing Image statistics Masking Machine Learning Supervised Classification Algorithms Classification and Regression Trees (CART) | Support Vector Machine (SVM) | Confusion Matrix Unsupervised Classification Algorithms KMeans Clustering Image Image Overview Image Visualization Image information and metadata Mathematical operations Relational, conditional and Boolean operations Convolutions Morphological Operations Gradients Edge detection Spectral transformations Texture Object-based methods Cumulative Cost Mapping Registering Images Miscellaneous Band statistics (min, max, mean, std) | Image statistics by band | Extract value to points | Rename bands | Clipping | Find image by path and row | Get image resolution | Get image extent | Set image properties | Select bands | Convert bands to ImageCollection | Reclassify | Composite bands | Image smoothing | Download image | Cell statistics | Image patch area | Get image id | Get band name and type | Filtering by calendar range ImageCollection ImageCollection Overview ImageCollection Information and Metadata Filtering an ImageCollection Mapping over an ImageCollection Reducing an ImageCollection Compositing and Mosaicking Miscellaneous Get image centroid | Convert ImageCollection to Image | Sort by cloud and date | Filtering by metadata | Filtering by band names | Select image by index | Creating monthly imagery Geometry, Feature, FeatureCollection Geometry Overview Geodesic vs. Planar Geometries Geometry Visualization and Information Geometric Operations Feature Overview FeatureCollection Overview Feature and FeatureCollection Visualization FeatureCollection Information and Metadata Filtering a FeatureCollection Mapping over a FeatureCollection Reducing a FeatureCollection Vector to Raster Interpolation Miscellaneous Add new attribute | Add area column | Add random value column | Single column statistics | Multiple column statistics | Simplify polygons | Column statistics by group | Select by location | Select by attributes | Select by strings | Vector symbology | Merge FeatureCollection | Search by buffer distance | Select columns | Mimimum bounding geometry | Clipping polygons | Extract image by polygon Reducer Reducer Overview ImageCollection Reductions Image Reductions Statistics of an Image Region Statistics of Image Regions Statistics of Image Neighborhoods Statistics of FeatureCollection Columns Raster to Vector Conversion Vector to Raster Conversion Grouped Reductions and Zonal Statistics Statistics by group | Zonal Statistics Weighted Reductions Linear Regression Join Simple Joins Inverted Joins Inner Joins Save-All Joins Save-Best Joins Spatial Joins Array Arrays and Array Images Array Transformations Eigen Analysis Array Sorting and Reducing Specialized Algorithms Landsat Algorithms Radiance | Surface Reflectance | Simple cloud score | Simple composite Sentinel-1 Algorithms Resampling and Reducing Resolution Resampling | Reducing Resolution Linear fit Pattern recognition Center-pivot Irrigation Detector Asset Management Exporting Image Exporting ImageCollection Exporting Vector Exporting FeatureCollection Exporting CSV Exporting Table Exporting TimeSeries How Earth Engine Works Client vs. Server Deferred Execution Projections Filter Filter to metadata equal to the given value Filter to metadata not equal to the given value Filter on metadata contained in a list Filter on metadata that cotains a certain string Filter on metadata that starts with a certain string Filter on metadata that ends with a certain string Filter on metadata that falls within a specified range Visualization RGB composite Color palettes Color ramp Hillshade Image stretch Image thumbnail Rendering categorical maps Styled layer descriptors Terrain visualization Visualizing FeatureCollection Visualizing Geometry NLCD Land Cover US Counties Miscellaneous NDVI symbology | NDWI symbology | Landsat symbology | NWI wetlands symbology | Color by attribute | Random color visualizer And many more !  
    • anyone tried erase tools and get success ?
    • Thank you for your efforts to fix v10.8.1, since it is probably the last version of ArcGIS for Desktop. I wish it were stable and fully working like ArcGIS 10.2.2 is.
    • nice share AG10.8.1 ...amazing !!!
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