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  1. try this one http://igouverte.org/
  2. you can use FME if you have it and you will get all information about line or polyline (direction, angle, azimuth, etc.
  3. hi, I do not understand this step. I'm logging in everyday. If I do not write comment that does not mean I'm not actif, except if actif mean writing thanks for every subject I hope that I got the access back. thanks
  4. DHI Mike to Shapefile

    or try QGIS
  5. Map Server

    you can use this application.. it is open source and easy to use and modify or add tools. http://igouverte.org/
  6. Web Server suggestions!!!

    this one is excellent http://igouverte.org/
  7. Data export to geodatabas

    I usually import the excel file in a gdb and then do a join.. and I had no erreur..
  8. I think that you can do the same with qgis.. after the join you do save as for the layer and you will get a new layer with the new information
  9. Lidar to DXF ?

    You can use FME to export all lidar point to DXF or within FME you can also choose the density of point you want or have a separate files, or create 3D surface, create TIN, etc.
  10. PDF 3D

    Hi, I use FME Safe software to do that... it is very powerfull. good luck

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