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Found 1 result

  1. Web Server suggestions!!!

    Hi, I want to develop a website in which I want to show data that consists of 5-6 layers with 1-2 GB size. The data will be converted/saved in MS SQL server 2008. Some satellite image as a base layer may or may not be needed in later stage. Layers include point, line and polygon geometry types. Data will be queried by end user using combo boxes may be and queried data will be displayed on may be google maps or my satellite imagery or only the data alone. My problem is that I've only a little experience of google maps api. I don't know pro's and con's of using a map server like mapguide, mapserver, GeoMedia or ArcIMS etc. or google maps api. Can any body give me a comparison of capabilities of these webgis solutions considering above mentioned requirements. Regards

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