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  1. alqamy


  2. Dear list 

    I am trying to cut a big polygon which is a 1km buffer around the landmass of BC canada. the polygon is complex and having relatively large number of verices. The proble that I am getting this error message, and the split is not done.As you see in the screen shot the Cutpolygon line is going all the way from end to end across the byffer polygon (red polygon) Can anyone help?
  3. I am planning for a study to use UAV and CIR images for mapping the beetle infested trees in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. Does anybody have any experience regarding what cameras should I use for this purpose. I am aiming to be able to capture images at the range of 500 to 1000 nm wave length. Thanks in advance


  4. alqamy

    export Data

    I have a geodatabase layer that have join to an excel sheet with matching records only option turned on to extract records matching a certain query. This resulted in 56 records to be available. When trying to export these to a separate layer as gdb or shapefiles I get a layer with 0 records in it. Can anybody help on how to over come this.
  5. Dear List I have a wired behaviour from Arcmap 10.1. I have a geodatabase layer that has a join to an excel table with (show only matching records) that contains about 56 records. When I try to export this layer to a new geodatabase layer I am returned with a featureclass of 0 records in it. I have no query defenitions or selections affecting the source layer. I am running editor level license. Hope anybody have an explanation for this. Regards
  6. alqamy

    Windows 10.0

    I would like to raise an inquiry with you about Windows 10.0. Did anybody started using it with ArcGIS 10.2 or later. Is there any prominent compatibility issues either with the software, extensions or the license manager? I hope that somebody on the list can elaborate. Regards Husam El Alqamy
  7. I am looking for a document or any other learning resources for learning classifying images and setting rules with eCognition software.
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