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convert .txt file to .shp (japan web dataGIS)

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its already said in the sites :

(Data types: Data with a name of the form XX mesh is mesh data. If the data name is suffixed with (point), (line), (surface) or (table), this indicates point data, line data, surface data or table data.)

so what is the problem? hem, what is the extension of the data?


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Ow gisadept thank you for you help. Well, the files that i want are the hidrological, this files still are not converted to shape and the tools that exist in the webpage are just to convert .XML files into .SHP. This webpage have the original files used by japan government


there are the all files of hidrologic data, but these files are in .TXT. I think that i'm don't getting convert the .TXT files in global mapper because the japan font.

thanks in adv.

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