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Found 2 results

  1. Permisi Agan agan sekalian, apakah ada yang punya license untuk extension ST-Links 4.0 ? saya agak bingung untuk setting arcgis server jadi pakai extension ini tapi ternyata yang free tidak bisa editing hanya read only dan tidak bisa export to database lebih dari 100 record. mohon bantuannya ya kalau ada yang punya. hehe Terima kasih
  2. Hi All, I have name of species in Rows and no and places found (states) in columns. Something like- 3 states (X,Y,Z) in a country name UCB.... Excel database: Database is in excel and SQL. I have shape file of country with states attributes. I want to link these non spatial database to country so that I can see these in maps. I am running join command in ArcMap10 to link my excel database, but it gives me output in only three rows (states). Means species A, B & C are linked and D,E,F,G are lost, and this is because country shape file has only rows of sates X, Y, Z polygon in attribute. Please help me with steps. this is quite urgent.... :) plz plz
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