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  1. Respected All, How to establish corelation between NDVI image and LST (Land Surface Temprature) image in Idrisi or Terrset or in ArcMap. Need your help. Grateful to you
  2. Respected All, I am learning online tutorials for webmapping using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android. I did all the steps according to the tutorial. I saved the .mmpk file on my sd card. But my device doesn't recognize it. I am not programmer so I think I need to correct the file path in the code. Need help. I am using the same as written below- Add a new method to load the mmpk file into a Map object and then update your MapView to display it. The file path used here may differ depending on how you loaded the file on your device. You may be required to alter the path t
  3. Thanks respected hiram. I did as you instructed. Ofcourse, Global mapper converted .dgn file into .shp file. However, I want to add the contour value (that is in point shapefile after conversion) to the polyline shapefile so that I can use it for my analysis purposes. How can I do that. Need Help.
  4. Respected All, I have three sets of .dgn files. These are the files of topomaps of my studyd area. I want to convert these files into esri shape file format. Main issue is with how to convert annotaions into the labels of respecitve shape file i.e. point, polyline, polygon etc. Need help.
  5. Which satellite data are used for mapping surface features despite sky is overcast?
  6. Hello to all respected members, I need your help in writing a python code to solve my problem. I want to convert short suffix into long suffix in ArcMap field Calculator(for example in my .dbf table the street name are written as "REITTEN RD" , "E MEEKER ST" and so on . I want to convert these name in new column as "REITTEN ROAD, E MEEKER STREET and so on. kindly help me in writing the code. The link for .dbf table is here- https://www.mediafire.com/?wgqz4ydctwj31w4 regards in advance
  7. Respected Lurker, You provided the solution, I was looking for. Thanks to you.
  8. Is it possible to create high resolution DEM using CARTOSAT-1 Stereo pair in Agisoft software? If possible I need help from you all.
  9. Dear Zsoooc, The below link would be helpful to you, I think so, http://www.digital-geography.com/using-sentinel-2-for-crop-monitoring/#.V3m4c7h96Uk
  10. Dear imtest33 I use reflectance data for this. I create NDWI using band calc (NIR-SWIR) / (NIR+SWIR) for the refectance data. For SAVI I use band calc (NIR-RED)*(1+0.5)/(NIR+RED+0.5).
  11. NDWI and SAVI indices are very helpful in extraction of buildings. Choose the threshold values of NDWI to classify the buildings and after that use lower values of SAVI indices to remove the bare fields and bare rocks from previously classified building class.
  12. Welcome in this forum. I have been watching your videos on YouTube. Very Informative Tutorials. Thanks for that.
  13. Respected am2, would you like to explain in brief how to download sentnal-2A data using SNAP. with regards
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