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  1. For certain areas, elevation data doesn't come from SRTM. There are few other sources as well. Also the interpolation method used in GE looks better than the ones available in GIS software. However opinions may differ.
  2. Vitality of elevation information in the field of Geospatial technologies is a well known factor. This may be in the form of Spot Heights, Contours or DEM. Unfortunately the open source DEM we get is generally of spatial resolution of 30 meter and up. How many aware of the fact that the Elevation Information available in Google Earth can be utilized to get Spot Heights, Contours and DEM? Yes, the 3rd dimension information available in Google Earth can be manipulated to create Spot Heights, Contours and DEM in various GIS software using and small third party app. Below is the link for the tutor
  3. High resolution satellite images are of utmost importance in many RS and GIS studies. However high resolution images are not available for free of cost. Hence it is often beyond reach for student and research community. While using google earth images for this purpose, often we end up in accuracy issues while carrying out georeferencing. This tutorial explains a method using Elshayal Smart GIS Application to download already georeferenced Very High Resolution Google Earth Image. Watch till end to understand how to do it for larger region of interest and also to understand certain disadvantage
  4. @deepgis, Its nice to know that you have watched my videos even before posting here. Thanks for that.
  5. Hello Everyone, Thank you for the support. So nice to hear good words from you guys.
  6. Hi All, I am a Doctorate in Remote Sensing and GIS. I have created an online tutorial Geospatial Technologies primarily concentrating on practical aspects both for beginners and for advanced learners. I am sure this will be useful for the members. Please have a look at the following link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK-8Ky7ZiohkOrHpe6EM1Lw Tutorials are totally free of cost and created just out of passion to help students and professionals in the field of Geospatial Technologies.
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