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  1. I seem to have slipped into inactivity, could you please reactivate my account? Thank you.
  2. Many thanks, Lurker, I'll give it a try!
  3. Hi, I am searching for DEM source for south east asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). Problem is that I need a better accuracy than 1 arc/sec, so SRTM / Aster is a nogo. This is for a non commercial simulation project. It would be great if someone could someone point me to a good source. Thanks, CH66
  4. Just for the record, I got it to work now. Either the "smooth" or the "Thin plate spline" method works well in bringing down those spikes. Cheers! CH66
  5. Thanks for helping! Hmm, I did some serious RTFM and found that the ENVI 5 I have here doesn't have the license for the DEM extraction module. I don't want to generalize the DEM with a global filter because of the quality loss, as you stated.
  6. Hi, I checked it and find it's great, but a bit difficult. I loaded one of the troubled geotiff elevation files in Envi, but have trouble with the correction of the spikes, see image. Anyone here who could explain in a nutshell where to go to correct the spikes? Thanks, CH66
  7. Thanks for the tip, never heard of it. I'll see where I can get it to give it a try! Best, CH66
  8. Hi, I work on a private project where I want to use a ASTER DEM for. Unfortunatly, that area of the world is quite raw considering the quality of the dem (mostly spikes). I tried to install an ERDAS Imagine 11.0 version on a win7 64 box, but the lmgrd server does not run despite doing the correct actions in the readme. Is there an alternative software that could be used for correcting the spikes in the DEM? Thanks, CH66
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