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  1. Do you have or can make following:

    Leica Cyclone Register 360

    Cyclone 3DR

    [email protected]

  2. Well, why you want to do this? Essentially you may find some graphics library that deals with tiff extension (geo tiff is basically tiff with spatial information) and program what you want.
  3. Ok in arc gis i not set transformation see attached picture and that was solve my problem. Ny the way i building some geoportal on my colage and this was main problem. Now i need to aply this tought java script in my web app I will show the results when i finish this. PIC:: https://www.dropbox.com/s/es87z72r3zvw788/Untitled.jpg Thanks for reply BR
  4. Hello I hawe some problem in arc gis - i add some data and i set projection to EPSG:31276 (my contry projection) and when i add basemap layer data is not on right place. I upload wideo how i done this and you can see on the end my problem. Download from this addres:: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5c1x4d2v3vvjm58/projectionProblem.rar Tnx for help Best regards
  5. They post achived webinars. Lot of interesting things is achived. Search on integraph site. Best regards
  6. Hey search Esri Press books and in this books you will haw your answer - another suggestion is to search trough google or join to esri forum and post your question BR Bojan
  7. you must add manually point numbers with add button in point measurement toll and then import. so if you haw file with 10 points you must add manually 10 points to list and then import your file with gcp or tie points I hope this was helpful Bojan
  8. For camera parameters you must calibrate camera. That i learn on my collage its simple but i forget now how to do that if you wish send me mail to ask assistant on my college and i will send you how to do that. Ok I ask my assistant how he did that and he send me this link and say that this is possible in photo modeler and link to tutorials is PhotoModeler Tutorials Little explanation for digital camera you need only focal lenght (in this case it is Value: 4.285611 mm) and principal x and y (in your case Xp - principal point x Value: 3.145539 mm and Yp - principal point y Value: 2.362853 mm) My suggestion is to walk trough digital camera example in LPS help file. If you have some question fell free to ask BR Bojan
  9. Erdas APOLLO can do that i think but dont know how red instruction on erdas site and manuals
  10. global mapper can help but you must learn how to ortorectify first
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