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  1. I have to incorporate high resolution land cover geotiff files into an meteorological application. The input format for the meteorological application is proprietary and hence I need to read in this file and write it out in that format. I have been thinking geotools but I only have a light weight application. Are there any others ?
  2. Has anyone read in a geotiff using Java and would like to share the details ? I would like to print out the pixel values of the entire raster.
  3. How does one go about obtaining soil moisture and albedo from landsat 8 images ? Are there any useful articles in this regard ?
  4. That would be great if you can share it. I plan to code mine in Java.
  5. One final question. The dark object sutbtraction method (DOS) is different from what you have mentioned. Correct ?
  6. Excellent @MamaDouba. You have given me the "Hello World" version of how to do atmospheric correction. I presume after that I need to do radiometric correction and geometric correction then the geotiff landsat 8 is ready for usage in applications.
  7. Very nice. Thank you very much. I presume the header file that comes with landsat 8 images gives the values for most of the parameters needed to perform atmospheric correction.
  8. why do you doubt that ? explanation would be appreciated.
  9. I believe my earlier question on another topic was misunderstood. I want to be able to use landsat 8 OLI images and then perform atmospheric correction. I do not want to use ENVI or 6S or any other software out there. I want the conceptual understanding of atmospheric correction so that I can implement this in my language of choice i.e. Java or C++
  10. Thanks for your response. I would like to do this programmatically on my own i.e. download landsat 8 images and then programmatically apply atmospheric correction as this needs to be done on a frequent basis. So any documentation in this regard would be appreciated.
  11. Hello, I am looking to do the same thing - apply atmospheric correction to my landsat 8 images. That website requires a paid login. Are there any free URLs available ? Regards.
  12. Of the two suggestions offered I like the second one better because it gives me something to code. I mosaic all the tiles of Eurasia and pick the south western corner of that mosaic. Thank you.
  13. In the grid that I downloaded i.e. there are 5876 .hgt files. How does one determine the south west corner of Eurasia and the latitude and longitude that corresponds to that grid cell ? I am not referring to the south west corner of individual grid cells but the south west corner of the entire 5876 files taken together as one grid. For a perfectly rectangular grid it is easy to determine the south western corner. How about the south western corner of Eurasia which is not perfectly rectangular ?
  14. Hello, GIS newbie here. Please feel free to bump my question into the right sub forum if it does not fit in here. If I choose Eurasia as my grid from here - http://dds.cr.usgs.gov/srtm/version2_1/Documentation/Continent_def.gif how to determine the grid cell that represents the south west direction i.e. south of the southern most point AND west of the western most point. Is this done by human inspection(trial and error) or some algorithm there than do it ?
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