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  2. I use ES*T N*D32 Busin*ss Ed (64bit) cr*cked for my Win7 Ultimate. It updates itself almost everyday. I'm happy with its relatively small memory usage. :laugh:
  3. this is how I solve it : 1. add the BMP image on an empty layer in ArcMap. 2. right click on the image : Data : Export Data. I prefer JP2 format and set 100 to compression quality value. 3. after getting the JP2 image, open Global Mapper and convert it to ECW format. -- done--
  4. I encounter this error when I open one of the BMP image "unable to load word file associated with image" I coudn't find any difference between this BMP and the others which are succeeded in conversion. I mean, the other files have no word file accompanied as well. Are they hidden? Thoughts anyone?
  5. Okay, this is the report 1, I used Global Mapper to open 1.1Gigs BMP file, 2. click File:Export Raster/Image Format, 3. Select Export Format:ECW file 4. waiting for 7 minutes to have 35Mb ECW file. :tongue: Thanks to all of you Guys.. :laugh:
  6. Thanks to rahmansunbeam and maunaloa. I learnt a lot from your advise and experience. :grin:
  7. Yep Emperor, I'll give ecw a try. I forced to use mobile modem with 64kbps receive rate served by our national wireless telecom provider. :laugh: :laugh: My lightning speed of fixed line connection always banned by GE server just after some minutes downloading even though I wait for the next 24hours cycle.
  8. hi Lurker, thanks for the hints, a friend of mine need the latest image of an area for study purposes. I see that GoogEarth/GeoEye recently updated their image in that area dated June 2010. Simply use the map downloader and set the zoom factor to 20 and leave it 15 hours to complete :laugh: :laugh: Anyway, the result is good enough, although there's GE watermark on it :sad:.
  9. Hi Guys.. :grin: This is not my field, so I need your advise. I'm using UMD to download an area in Sumatera island. After completing the download and combining those ten-thousands tiles, I got this bloody 2Gigs BMP file. ArcCatalog took almost an hour to build the pyramid so that I can see the result. I don't think BMP is good format to keep, so I need your advise what tools I can use to convert and compress this BMP file and what kind of file extension should be good in further GIS file processing. Thank you and regards, M.
  10. Bro, :laugh: I knew that you're from INA. Remember my first PM to U? :laugh: I'm fully agree with the baselines and principles that you introduced. It's nice be getting to know you and Emp'r and I'm proud of this site founded and managed by my fellow INA guys. I'm personally from Aceh Province. Basically I'm dotNet s/w developer and interested in incorporating GIS capabilities in my database apps. since last decade after some devastating disasters happened in INA, GIS has been attracting more people to learn and utilize it. People became aware spatially. That's a good point I think. Anyway, congrats for having this great site.. I'll rover our INA part to see what's inside. :laugh: :laugh:
  11. In one of gis community milist in INA. I believe that it must be my personal feeling. No one called me so. :embarrassed: Starting from one of other members asked for the link for d/l the AG10 and I referred him to this website. While other one member just warned us not to discuss illegal things in there. :embarrassed: Anyway, that's fine. :laugh:
  12. I wonder what was the forum name before? :grin:
  13. in the year of 2012 and forth, nobody on the earth. So you can remove this tread. whehehehehe
  14. I'll drag more people into this forum... Recently I posted this site in one of gis milist :tongue: , and suddenly one of them titled me the Sinner. bhawahahaha :laugh: I do for what I believe, my dear friend :tongue:
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