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  1. You can check here for five free DEM download sites. I would recommend SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission). You can download 30m resolution over your area of interest. I did one recently but resample from the site to 10m before downloading. All the best
  2. Hi Darksabersan, the links are dead, could you reactivate and perhaps upload to a different site like Mega.nz, please? thanks
  3. Hi comrades, I have been searching for a solution to deal with a problem but this is not my cup of tea so could use some help from the experts here. I am looking for software that can best deal with cross- and long-sections of river systems. Vectorworks was recommended by a friend but it involves a learning curve to master it. CAD software ( AutoCad or related) might handle that kind of task but I am not an avid user. Ideally, I would like to use temporal data of two time periods to compute the erosion and deposition along the riverbed. If anyone could kindly point me to the right software or resources, it will be fantastic. Thanks in advance
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