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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Lurker 🙏
  2. The data is huge and covers an area of 115 km2, thanks
  3. Friend's, does anyone use or know a software or methodology where tree canopies can be extracted and a dot representing the tree placed in the canopy centre from high resolution raster images? This can be done interactively or automatically. Here is an example using R but when the data is big, it crashes and a solution could not be found. Any help to achieve a result like this would be really appreciated. Many thanks in advance Imiltopnem
  4. You can check here for five free DEM download sites. I would recommend SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission). You can download 30m resolution over your area of interest. I did one recently but resample from the site to 10m before downloading. All the best
  5. Hi Darksabersan, the links are dead, could you reactivate and perhaps upload to a different site like Mega.nz, please? thanks
  6. Hi comrades, I have been searching for a solution to deal with a problem but this is not my cup of tea so could use some help from the experts here. I am looking for software that can best deal with cross- and long-sections of river systems. Vectorworks was recommended by a friend but it involves a learning curve to master it. CAD software ( AutoCad or related) might handle that kind of task but I am not an avid user. Ideally, I would like to use temporal data of two time periods to compute the erosion and deposition along the riverbed. If anyone could kindly point me to the right softwar
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