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  1. Transverse Mercator WGS 1984 UTM Zone 50S
  2. downloading arcgis 10 sp 5

    1. arcsump




  3. Uh,that's right... Maybe I'll just clear the grid label and put text "BT" and "LU" on map corner...
  4. Got it.thanks But corner format only show on measure grid.not on graticule grid. When I change coordinate system on measure grid to geographic wgs1984,it show 114 BT not 114 00' 00" BT
  5. Hi,I'm from Indonesia. In my country, we usually use BT instead of E, BB for W, LU for N and LS for S on direction grid label. That is annoying cause every time i create a map, i have to convert graticule to graphic so i can edit those labels. Is there a way to customize direction grid label without convert it to graphics? so it is still a dynamic grid. I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10. can anyone help...
  6. for west papua use projected universal transverse mercator zona 53 (wgs1984)
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