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    Hi every one Could anybody help me with creating columns with data? By this command I can only create empty field : ogrinfo test.shp -sql "ALTER TABLE test ADD COLUMN field_1 integer" Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everybody. We all uses different software for solving different tasks. I think it will be very interesting to exchange opinions with each other about yours favorite and disliked functions what you uses in PCI Geomatics. May be this discussion let us to open this software from new side. For example, my most favorite opportunity in this software is autocoregistration of two images because it let me coregistrate radar and optical images without handle working. I tried to do this in another software but I couldn't do it. Regards, Negra
  3. As I understand you want to create slc from sgf , yes? It's impossible. As far as I know.
  4. In my ERDAS 9.1 it's situated Radar - Radar Intrepeter-Adjust Slant Range. This procedure in common calls slant to ground range conversion. It will be better if you read before help for this procedure to correct processing your image. .
  5. May be first of all you must convert SLC to SGF. Because SLC type use for interferometric processing. But for stereo uses SGF and SGX types/ And then IMAGINE StereoSAR DEM
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